DCJS Certification 88-1190

Premier Training for Security Professionals

Certified Training Academy is a private trade school certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to deliver training to the electronic security industry and locksmiths. Electronic security and locksmith businesses providing contract security services in Virginia must be licensed, including:

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By the Code of Virginia (§9.1-138 et seq.) and Regulations Relating To Private Security Services (§6VAC20-174), principals, supervisors and most employees of electronic security and locksmith businesses must be determined to be suitable for employment by DCJS through a fingerprint-based criminal history search. Certain employees are then required to complete entry-level and biennial in-service training, which is the service we provide, to obtain a registration to work for the licensed company.

Since 1995 Certified Training Academy has been providing entry-level and in-service training to security professionals whom are employed by these businesses to provide private security services. Those that require training are:

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Licensing and training requirements also exist for businesses located outside of, but doing business in, Virginia. Frequently, we have practitioners traveling to Virginia for training from all over the contiguous states. However, if you have large numbers of staff that need to comply, Certified Training Academy does provide on-site training. (We frequently travel to facilitate central station dispatchers.) Please get in touch with our office to discuss this option.

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