DCJS Certification 88-1190

Company Background

Certified Private Security Services Training Academy, Inc. (Certified Training Academy) is a Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) certified training school specifically for electronic security personnel. Since 1995, Certified Training Academy has been certified by DCJS to deliver the training requirements to Central Station Dispatchers, Electronic Security Sales Representatives, Technicians and Technician’s Assistants, both entry-level and in-service.


Why Choose CTA?

We bring the training to your area.

Monthly 6-8 Week Intervals Annually, First Quarter
Tidewater Area
Roanoke Abingdon
Beltsville, MD

Private classes by appointment, including out-of-state travel

We are an independent DCJS certified training school. Our instructors have genuine, relevant experience. We provide training materials, not just an outline.
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